Friday, September 14, 2012

Freelance Designer

Freelance designer: Creative professional who performs well in marketing communications environment. Adept at managing all phases of project life cycle from needs assessment through implementation.

Combines knowledge of art direction with strong team and project management.

Highly skilled at graphic design, art and photo direction, concept and copy editing, print production, quality control and cost containment.

Core Competencies

• Creative Innovation
• Planning and Execution
• Art and Photo Direction

• Graphic Design
• Print Production
• Project Management
• Copy Editing & Web

Key Accomplishments

• Improved customer service
• Trained permanent and freelance staff on quality-based creative
• Earned 7 creative awards
• Adapted quickly to different design styles and preferences
• Delivered all projects on time

Graphic design projects include tri-fold brochures, full-size brochure design, direct mail to generate leads, website designs, newsletters, ads, flyers, posters, calendars, catalogs, logo design and letterhead, Internet advertising web banners, 3D images, DVD images and ebook cover designs. Most design projects include copywriting, project management and print production or web development.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tri-Fold Brochure Design

Tri-fold brochure design can be created as a simple sales piece or it can be used as a mini catalog mailer, which is cost-effective, saves money and returns big dividends -- which is perfect as a marketing tool for the home business budget.

Tri-fold brochures are the work horse of any sales department, because the are easy and economical to produce and even easier to publish. The affordability and tremendous impact they have on your sales makes having at least one tri-fold brochure a necessity.

Business sales executive can hand a tri-fold brochure to prospects, slip a tri-fold brochure inside a No. 10 envelope with a cover letter or sticky note and business card.

It's easy for a business to make a tri-fold brochure downloadable, attach a PDF to an email, and send to one or a million potential buyers.

Your business wants a flowing design to keep the prospect interested, don't you? There are many ways to make your tri-fold brochure stand out, make an impression and turn into a lead generator or indirect sale for your business.

Although the standard tri-fold brochure is considered a work horse for sales and marketing... you can easily spice up your presentation by varying the way it folds.

Result: When your brochure unfolds, it creates an unexpected situation. Your prospect has to open the folded brochure to see all of what's inside. It peaks curiosity and increases interest more than a traditional format.

Every business - no matter how small - needs a brochure, or at least a flyer - to use as a custom designed handout to advertise their products and services. It's an essential marketing tool. But advertising is only half the solution: Your printed communications must sell... The job of printed marketing communications is to support the sales closing process.

It is well worth the investment to engage professional brochure designer to create printable artwork that says "I am a credible company with products and services you can trust!" The brochure quickly pays for itself with the money invested in professional creative services.